“When u know ur destiny but Ur heading towards something else and u r not doing anything except seeing ur dreams crushing under ur timidness and disappointment then go ahead and read the Post.”

When the way ahead is gradually becoming dim ,and life is just dragging on.

When you are doomed for somewhere but u know that your onuses will never let u reach there.

Still knowing, that ,you are Circuiting around something that was never your destiny ,its when , you feel u have your pulses going right ,u have your heartbeats thumbing bright but u also know that you are not alive.,

You are just living like all the other creatures on the earth and will die like them one day ,like your birth was never existed.

But ,

u never died when your breaths sank or your heart stopped, you died years before.

When u thought about your weaknesses, your problems ,your obligations, your everything which always tempted u to think that u coexisted but never gave u the satisfaction that u really existed.

But,what u did ,u only thought , if u would have acted then ,then you should have made the difference.

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Competitive Nationalism:Threat to India’s development.

Its not about kasganj nor do i felt any urge to see padmavat till now and honestly i dont have any grudges for that triple talaq bill.But what provo -kes me is the glorified exhibition of things who as a matter of fact contain- s very little importance in our society frame which not only succeeds to head us towards our own crusade but also perfectly showcases our sheep in a herd lifestyle. Wait i can prove it, well its really saddening but the 10lakh_govt_jobs_pending
hashtags on social media giants be it facebook or twitter were scarce,it also constantly makes me nausuious when the so called big eyes of common people in other words “the media” made TRPs with ram rahim caves when the issue of hundreds of children killed in a hospital went untouched .Well many of us do know that there were some news related to 4 judges recently but how many of us aware of the fact they were pointing towards the dozing off media and people when our juduciary
our only hope and the last resort came under the threat of a govt controlled monopoly.It really had a rare sight noticing anyone blacking there social media profiles when our country’s economy performed worst in the last 30 years. so lets take a look what we were doing when these events took place. At first we were testing each other’s nationalism then we were busy torching shops and harassing innocents just because a fictional queen commited jauhar some 800 years back and we couldnt digest her glorification in a movie which barely maade any difference in the present lives.we also didnt budge with praising our govts when they stated roadside vendors and small stalls as their achievements when asked about the employement opportunities they had produced.

Our country’s economic survey predicted an increase of GDP from 6.75 to 7 percent but Present Chief statistics officer stated a GDP of 6.25 perc at present which precisely takes india in its worst economic growth since last 30 years. Recently india also has slipped in the global human developement index from the rank 130 to 131 among 188 countries,
the difference is not huge but only if the concerns were made on a huge level india could have steeped drastically in the same .Although many people didnt know it but india also slipped from 97 to 100th position out of 119 countries on Global Hunger
Index ,steeped to 7th on global terror index (Which made india into top ten countries mostly hit by terrorism which accounted JandK violence and the influence of narxism and maoism in states like jharkhand and chattisgarh).

The motive of telling these statistics was only to highlight that there are more bigger and daunting causes which needs to be worked on and to be protested about. Protesting and giving our valuable time to such unimportant issues not only makes political parties and pressure groups(which mostly are funded by specific parties only) confident of not working on issues which really need
political attention and our valuable time.Talking of nationalism by individuals and questioning of one another is actually none other
than trying to cut iron with a knife ,though nationalism frames a key part in any country’s developement but today nationalism has been
replaced by competitive nationalism which for instance is like loving india demands hatred of pakistan and vice versa.Today the need is to
overcome ourselves from our competitive nationalism mindsets and take nationalism as a person who loves his/her country but hates none.
today we should be strong enough to make our own decisions as to wisely choose between good and bad.Today the need is to become a pack of
lions who have an independent thinking and no jackals and wolves (like the political parties and fringe groups and their ideologies nowadays)
could sway them from their independent thoughts unlike the sheepish behaviour youths are exhibiting nowadays.The Present era demands skilled,
educated and liberal youths who work on things that makes difference today and who are not swayed by hate ideologies of some political groups
for their political benifits.
Today the need is to become indians as a whole where hindu,muslim etc would only be our interpersonal faiths .

Today we need to be more and more
tolerant in that extent that no movies, hate speeches ,hate slogans could sway us from our day to day motives.Today the need is to become an Indian who loves his country but hates none.


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